Running Guru

Favorite brand: Brooks
Favorite distance: 1/2 Marathon
Ultimate goal: Qualify as a master’s runner for the Boston Marathon
What running means to you / why is it important in your life: I discover running while in middle school because of some great teachers and coaches I had.  Running can be a lifelong activity and can take you places where you may never go and meet and see thing you may never have been able to otherwise.  I have learned many lifelong skills through running that I apply to my everyday life.
What you love about specialty running stores: What I like about specialty running store is the individual attention you get to from the staff along with the wealth of knowledge they have. The staff will get you in the right pair of shoes and the right gear to help you reach your goals in your running experience.
Greatest running achievement: It is hard to pick just one great running achievement because the sport of running has lead me to many opportunities.  I have been fortunate to coach at a local high school now for over 20 years, I have traveled with other coaches, mentors, and friends to the NCAA Nationals, Olympic Games and Olympic track and field trials.  But I think my greatest running achievement has been running a negative split in the 2000 Chicago Marathon