Brookfield Assistant Manager

Favorite brand: Nike trainers and New Balance spikes
Favorite distance: 400m
Ultimate goal: I would love to continue sprinting as long as I can as well as become more involved in coaching track.
What running means to you / why is it important in your life: Running means so much to me because it’s competition in its purest form. Seeing who’s the fastest person is something we’ve done since we were kids, and even now after sprinting for over 10 years I get just as excited to race as ever.
What you love about specialty running stores:  The best part about PRO is how all of us are runners yet so different. Marathoners, triathletes, 5k runners, and sprinters. Between all of us we bring such a broad range of experiences to answer any running question a customer has.
Greatest running achievement: Being 3x All Conference my senior year.