Mandy Iotte


How long have you been working at PRO?
10 years

Tell us about your running and athletic background?
I played team sports (basketball and volleyball) in high school and I didn’t learn to like running until college when I needed to find a solo sport. Once I got past hating it, I feel in love with the self competition, goal setting, getting faster, running further distances, and the running community in general.

Favorite distance to run or race?
10k and half marathons are my favorite distances. Lakefront Marathon is my favorite race since it was my first marathon.

Hobbies outside of running?
Cooking, drinking wine, going on walks, nutrition, true crime podcasts, watching football, cribbage, puzzles

Current shoe(s) you are running in?
Brooks Ghost and Saucony Endorphin Shift

What song is always on repeat during a run or a race?
Sicko Mode – travis scott

Mantra or inspiring quote you live?
One foot in front of the other

What’s your advice for new runnings just starting out?

Find running friends. It’s free therapy.