Running Guru

Favorite brand: Saucony
Favorite distance or race: My favorite distance is the 800. My favorite race was the Flora-Bama Beach Run/Walk For American Warriors 1/2 Marathon and 5k. The race had been rain delayed but being able to run on the beach and beat my dad made up for it.
Ultimate goal: I’d like to be able to complete a track season without any major injuries. My long term goal is to never have to give up running
What running means to you / why is it important in your life: The meaning of running in my opinion is the ability to have the toughness and determination to push and improve yourself no matter the distance or goal. Without running I strongly believe that I would be lesser version of who I am today.
What you love about specialty running stores: That a knowledgeable staff is there to provide insight on current products and techniques.They are also more then willing to go the extra mile to help with your personal needs in order to help you reach your goals.
Greatest running achievement: Being able to get my dad excited about running again.