Jonah Kerk

Sales Associate

When did you become part of the PRO family?
Instep 2015/ PRO (June 2019)

Tell us about your running and athletic background?
Did soccer, basketball, track, XC in high school. Ran XC in college. 

Favorite distance to run or race?
3200m – bookn it 5k in sun prairie

Hobbies outside of running?
Creating a workable model of gravity that allows for cohesion of general relativity and quantum gravity. Also I love dogs.

Current shoe(s) you are running in?
Nike Pegasus, Brooks Hyperion Tempo

Favorite manta to live by?

Sh** or get off the pot.

What’s song is always on repeat during a run or a race?
Mercy – Kanye west

What’s your advice for new runnings just starting out?

Run very early and by yourself so that no one can see your excruciating pain or hear your sad grumbling and moaning.