Running Guru

Favorite brand: Nike, Oiselle, and Brooks
Favorite distance or race: 800, 1500, and 5k. My favorite race was my senior year, 5k, I ran the race really smart, had a huge PR, and ran it with my teammates. It was an all around good race.
Ultimate goal: I want to start racing again. I took plenty of time off after competing in college. I am training now and I need commit to racing again.
What running means to you / why is it important in your life: Running is something that has always been an outlet/stress reliever. It has also brought me some of my greatest friends. Running is something that defines who I am.
What you love about specialty running stores: I really like the atmosphere that the store brings to staff and customers. I like the knowledge we all carry and pass on to the customer. I enjoy helping people reach their physical goals through running and products.
Greatest running achievement: While racing at Arkansas State University, my junior year the conference course was a tough one. We went out there and crushed the course. I placed in the top 20 of the conference and scored for the team. We won conference that day. Nothing will top that moment as a cross country team!