Running Guru

Favorite distance or race to run?
I’m still in high school, so I’ve only ever run 5ks (and lots of them). My favorite race so far has been the Wisconsin Dells Invitational. It was my first night race, and seeing the course and team tents lit up with Christmas lights was something I’ll never forget.
Favorite place to travel to?
My family doesn’t travel very much. This year, however, the band will be taking a road trip down to Florida to perform in the park’s parade. I’m very excited to ride all of the crazy rollercoasters the park has to offer.
Favorite things to do other than running?
It’s hard sometimes to remember that I have a life outside of running! However, if I’m not racking up the miles or stressing over schoolwork, I love to pick up a good Stephen King novel. Much to my sister’s annoyance, I also enjoy loudly practicing any of my three instruments; alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, or bass clarinet.
What you love about specialty running stores?
The main reason I started working at Performance was because of the community. Being part of a specialty store means seeing and interacting with the same group of customers on a regular basis as they come into the store to buy their next running goodie, or just run in one of our classes. We all get to know each other, and a sense of family develops that can’t be beat at any chain stores.
How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own?
I currently only own four pairs of running shoes, but in the words of a certain famous mermaid “I want more”! My rate of shoe-buying has no doubt increased since working at Performance, but I do hope to keep my ever-growing collection under control in the future.
Favorite restaurant?
My favorite restaurant is currently Noodles and Company. You just can’t beat their penne rosa! Don’t tell my mom, but consuming Noodles every day is a serious possibility when I’m living on my own in a couple years..
What three items would you take with you on a deserted island?
The first thing I would take would be my eos lip balm. Chapped lips are everyone’s worst enemy! If it was possible to install a shower on a deserted island, I would, because procrastinating by taking hot showers is my favorite pastime. Lastly, I would take my running shoes of course! I may be trapped on an island, but the running grind never stops.