Claire Bush

Brookfield Store Manager

How long have you been working at PRO?
September 2018

Tell us about your running and athletic background?
I ran four years of track in high school, racing mostly the 800m and 4x800m. I also played tennis and intramural basketball. I first fell in love with running in college at UW-La Crosse! My friends and I ran the Maple Leaf Half Marathon, Fitness Festival Marathon, and Rails to Trails Marathons, which were my favorite races. I ran a bunch of 5k’s, 10k’s, 13.1’s, and marathons in college too. I focused on powerlifting for 3 years after college and loved being incredibly strong but missed running regularly. I decided to start running trails! I’ve run the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mile, Trail Fest 3-day race, and the Bryce Canyon 60k. I love running to run, so I don’t race often 🙂 I’m currently training for the Whistler Alpine Meadows Triple Whammy in 2021! I also started cross country skiing in 2018 to switch up winter training. And I rock climb and boulder when I can fit it in.

Favorite distance to run or race?
Ultra-distance trail races! I loved running the Bryce Canyon 60k.

Hobbies outside of running?
Cooking vegan food, walking my dog Butch, camping (with my dog), cross country skiing, long chats and coffee with friends, exploring new local restaurants and shops, traveling, nutrition coaching, Master Gardener volunteering, reading (mostly non-fiction), taking care of my 30 plants!
Current shoe(s) you are running in?
Altra Torin 4.5, Altra Escalante 2.5, Altra Timp 1.5

Favorite manta to live by?
Relentless forward progress

What’s song is always on repeat during a run or a race?
Moon/Sun – Trevor Hall

What’s your advice for new runnings just starting out?

Lace up the shoes you have and get out the door! Show up for yourself each day and run or walk however much you can. And then do that again tomorrow. It will be challenging sometimes, and those runs are when you learn the most about yourself. Keep going because you’re worth it! And yes, you are a runner!