Running Guru

Favorite distance or race to run? 1/2 marathon and Olympic distance triathlons
Favorite place to travel to? Anywhere warm, but I love visiting out west and the south.
Favorite things to do other than running? Cycling, swimming, teaching   gymnastics, reading, watching movies, trying out new places to eat, and taking naps.
What you love about specialty running stores? The time the employees take to get to   know you, your style, and how the shoes fit into all of that.
How many pairs of running shoes do you currently own? 5 that I’m actually running in.  Another 5 that I probably need to get rid of, or use for adventure races.
Favorite restaurant? Qdoba, or anything Mexican. I love nachos!
What three items would you take with you on a deserted island? Peanut m&m’s, vodka and tortilla chips!