Audrey Barker

Shoe Guru

How long have you been working at PRO?
September 2018

Tell us about your running and athletic background?
I ran cross country and track from middle school through college. Post college I’ve done 8 half marathons, 3 25k races, and 6 marathons.

Favorite distance to run or race?
Favorite distance depends on my mood but my favorite race is the Mackinac Island Half Marathon

Hobbies outside of running?
Camping, cooking, reading, and watching B horror movies

Current shoe(s) you are running in?
Nothing beats the Altra Torin Plush!

What’s song is always on repeat during a run or a race?
Put On – Young Jeezy

What’s your advice for new runnings just starting out?

Whatever exercise you do, running or otherwise, you should love it. If you don’t love it, change something.