Alison Newcomb

Assistant Store Manager

How long have you been working at PRO?
5 years in June (2021)

Tell us about your running and athletic background?
I started running when I was 13. I ran both track and CC in high school and college (Every CC Team I ran on won Conference). After a stress fracture in my tibia, I gave it up for almost 8 years, before finding the most beautiful shoes that convinced me to train for my first half marathon. After that first half I ran over 50 races – 5k to half distance – over the course of 3 years and got my husband started running.

Favorite distance to run or race?
10K. My favorite races include the Big 10 10K and any Disney race.

Hobbies outside of running?
My family, travel, Disney, weight training, hiking, camping, reading, theater, and arts and crafts.

Current shoe(s) you are running in?
Brooks Transcend, Launch GTS, and 860

What song is always on repeat during a run or a race?
Baba O’Riley by The Who – It’s been on my running playlist since I was in college. The music builds in a beautiful way that just makes me focus on my cadence and just letting go. The beat reminds me of the way a race builds.

Mantra or inspiring quote you live?
When you’re a dreamer, heart break and failure come with the territory, but I can tell you it’s worth it, because it’s a way of living that is both moving and memorable. – Lauren Fleshman

What’s your advice for new runnings just starting out?

Build mileage gradually. Dream big and set lofty goals. Dissapointments will happen. Runners make the best friends and most supportive teammates – find your tribe. (Feel free to choose one that hasn’t been listed.)