PRO Video Gait Analysis

Finding the best running shoes for YOUR feet is essential to staying active, healthy and injury free. We provide a free slow motion video gait analysis to all customers whether you're just starting a walking program or are an elite endurance athlete. PRO fit specialists are all knowledgeable about the anatomy of the feet and legs, common running injuries and latest shoe technologies.

Our fitting process starts with a few questions about your current fitness routine, past or present injuries and your goals. If you can bring your old shoes with you, we'll take a look at the wear pattern and talk about what you liked/disliked about them. Next we evaluate your feet, take a couple of measurements and watch you walk barefoot to assess how your foot transitions through each phase of movement.

Once we determine your foot type, we bring out a pair of shoes and evaluate your gait and form while you run or walk on our treadmills using our video system. After we review the video with you, we'll bring out shoes that accommodate your needs and with your help we select one that fits, feels and functions the best!

Running shoes last about 300-500 miles, or for the average athlete about 6 months. We can keep track of this for you in our PRO Rewards program! You can also leave your old shoes with us - they are donated or recycled depending on the shape they're in. Learn more about Happy Soles MKE HERE.

PRO Sports Bra Fitting

Our PRO Fitting Process not only relates to running shoes but also extends to sports bras. Sports Bras are equipment and are as critical as your running shoes. Did you know 60-80% of women wear the wrong sports bra size? Life and body changes like weight loss or gain, pregnancy and breast feeding are just a few of the factors that may change your breast size and shape.

Women should be fit for a bra at least once a year. Sports bras last 6-12 months depending on use and type of sports they’re used for because the fabric and elastic breakdown after constant washing and wearing. PRO has a Bra Fit Process available with an extensive Sports Bra selection! During the Fitment We:

• Measure band and bust to determine size
• Recommend bras based on support

There are three main categories: compression, compression- encapsulated, complete encapsulation.


If the shoes or bra you purchased aren’t working as you hoped, we’ll happily exchange or return them within 30 days of the purchase.


We also guarantee our pricing! So if you find the exact item for less, we’re happy to match that price within 7 days of your purchase.

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