Creating Happier Soles.

We know the impact a good pair of shoes can have in making your athletic journey. We don’t want footwear to be a barrier in working towards your goals and finding joy through running.

Running changes lives. Athletics changes lives. We know this because it changed our lives for the better. It teaches us goal setting, problem solving and time management. It boosts self-esteem and creates healthy habits. It creates relationships and teaches us how to work with others despite our differences.

That’s why we started Happy Soles Mke. We want to put quality shoes onto the feet of athletes that can’t afford them. If your feet aren’t comfortable, you’re less likely to participate in an athletic activity.

We'd love to help.

Do you know someone that could benefit from a pair of shoes, but their financial situation can’t afford that luxury? Do you coach a team of athletes that need proper footwear but don’t have the means to get them?

We’d love to help if we can. We collect gently used or almost new shoes and we want to keep them in our community. Assortment of sizes is always changing and donations are dependent on current inventory and availability. Please fill out our form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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