At PRO our staff of experts are here to help you take your running to the next level, whether that is from the couch to the road or from a solid race pace to a new personal best. We offer a full set of Get Fit Programs to guide beginner runners through longer distances at a gradual pace, helping them prepare for a 5k, 10K, or even a half marathon. Are you an experienced runner who's just looking for new ways to improve? Attend our next PRO class or clinic to continue learning and reach your next goal.
Do you want to learn how to run naturally with better form? Change your gait to a midfoot stride? Reduce your chances of injury? Then join us for a GFR clinic!
  • • Video analysis of your running form
  • • Learn how proper form can make your

    running easier and more enjoyable

  • • Form, strength, cadence and balance


  • • Injury prevention
Ask us about our classes! We'll post the dates on here as they are scheduled
Come to one of our Newton Natural Running form clinics to learn how to run faster and stronger, with more efficiency and reduced risk of injury. Newton Running shoes empower you to discover your best running form. Newtons help you find a more natural gait. Newton running is all about landing on your sweet spot. We’ll teach you more efficient form, drills to improve your stride and have demo Newton shoes for you to test out.
At PRO we have the best quality products to enhance your run! Not sure how to fuel for during your next race? Join us for a nutrition clinic. Embarrassed about chafing during your run? We’ll teach you about the best gear for common issues. Have knee pain, shin pain or pain everywhere? Come and hear about common running injuries and muscle aches and how to manage them We’re here to keep you active and help you enjoy the run.